Through Adversity to the stars

Project Astra

How you can Create impact


Generally, young people succeed when they grow up in families that teach them how to be successful. Through education and opportunity, people are nurtured into an environment of success.

What if, for those of us who aren’t born this lucky, we re-created this environment for them?

That’s why we founded Project Astra— after the famous Ancient Roman saying, Per aspera ad astra— “through adversity to the stars.”


Three Pillars


To transform our poorest communities, we must rebuild and improve their infrastructure. This in turn will create career and life changing opportunities for those who live in these communities.

Economic Revival

Rebuilding infrastructure is just the start. We must also focus on creating long-term economic viability. This can be achieved by offering businesses incentives to operate in these cities and by providing local residents with opportunities for affordable housing or a pathway to homeownership. 

Wealth Creation

A self-sustaining community is one that affords its members the opportunity to build enough margin to allow for discretionary income. Tax incentives will turn borrowers into savers and investors, while allowing businesses to create jobs and further contribute to the local economy.


Legislative Updates

A portion of Project Astra has been officially introduced in the California State Assembly as AB 1241. The first step in our plan to transform millions of lives in this country will now be a topic of discussion in the legislature of the fifth largest economy in the world!