Investment Breakdown


15% of the federal budget, or approximately $50 billion annually, will be reallocated from our existing infrastructure spending in the following way:

Pillar 1: 50% for infrastructure rebuild ($25 billion)

Pillar 2: 25% for construction of affordable housing or home-ownership ($12.5 billion)

Pillar 2: 25% for business incentives ($12.5 billion)

Pillar 3: Tax incentives for individuals and businesses (requires federal, state, local legislation to be passed)

Return on Investment

Economic studies have shown that every $1 billion invested in construction yields at least 6,300 construction jobs. According to this model1, allocating $25 billion in Pillar 1 for infrastructure construction can generate about 157,500 jobs annually.

Consequently, creating these careers has another positive effect. These jobs present opportunities for individuals on welfare, thereby providing the potential to reduce the number of welfare claims and increase the number of tax-paying citizens.