Dear Fellow Americans,

There’s nothing that lifts people’s hearts more than being empowered to provide for their children and rebuild their communities—to make an impact and be a part of something greater than themselves. For too many in America, this has not yet been achieved. 

But what if we made it possible? 

Imagine if the underprivileged learned skills and got training to enable them to take advantage of career opportunities we could offer them to break the cycle of poverty.

Imagine our most impoverished communities blooming into self-sufficient meccas of economic opportunity and vibrancy--how much that would benefit us all.

This is our vision for the future. 

Almost half a century ago, our nation came together and inspired a generation by sending a man to the moon. It’s time to think BIG once again. We need to band together and realize we can do more—more to transform those who need us the most. 

Let’s create a movement by urging our government officials to allocate more of our budget into rebuilding our impoverished areas by making them thriving centers of beauty and business. Let’s get the residents in these areas employed and into permanent homes.

Around the country, regional workforce programs in the construction industry are already transforming thousands of lives and communities. These programs provide pathways to careers in construction and focus hiring efforts on the underprivileged:

Here are some of the local programs that are having great success already:

This is our blueprint. We have the data. We know it works. We just need to cast a wider net and implement workforce programs at the national level. 

But it can’t end there. We need to rebuild neglected infrastructures pervasive in impoverished communities—from roads and highways to schools and hospitals—to not only create opportunities for employment, but also to help them bloom with an economic renaissance. And when they bloom, we all can bloom.

All this is doable. We just need a radical change in the way we approach helping those who need us most. We need to both learn from them and help them. Let’s defy history and provide everyone the opportunity to flourish.

Mark Douglas
CEO, LCPtracker